Getting married in Croatia

Persons wishing to get married in Croatia need to get in touch with the local Registry Office (in Croatian language: matični ured) in the district where the intended marriage* is to take place at least three months before the desired date. Verify with the Registry Office which documents they will require from you and your partner.


Generally documents required are:


  • original Birth Certificate (not to be older than 3 months) which includes the names of both parents, bearing the Apostille Stamp;
  • Certificate of No Impediment (not to be older than 3 months) original, verified with Apostille Stamp (this certificate shows that you are free to marry),
  • Certificate of Custom and Law /Certificate de Coutume/, (not to be older than 3 months), original, verified with Apostille Stamp (this certificate shows that the marriage will be valid in Norway),
  • valid passports;
  • photocopies of the photo page of the passports for two witnesses, listing their names, address and occupation;
  • if you are divorced, a Decree Absolute and previous marriage certificate.


All documentation must be originals or certified copies (with Apostille Stamp) and translated into Croatian by an official court interpreter. Documentation must be submitted to the local Register Office 30 days prior to your wedding takes place.


If you are using Wedding Planner they will organize this on your behalf. If you are not using a Wedding Planner you will need to make provisions to ensure your documentation is correctly submitted and lodged on time.