Laissez-passer for the Deceased

In case death occurs abroad, the person that wishes to transport the deceased (or their exhumed remains) to Croatia for burial submits a request to the Croatian diplomatic mission/consular post abroad.


Apart from the laissez-passer form that the relatives of the deceased or the funeral home that is organizing the transport are filling out at the diplomatic mission/consular post, enclosed with the request should be:


  1. Passport, identification card - proof of the citizenship of the deceased. Passport of the deceased, which has to be cancelled at the diplomatic mission (if the deceased had a Croatian passport);
  2. Death certificate - Melding om dødsfall with Apostille stemp;
  3. Medical death certificate - Legeerklæring om dødsfall, medical certification of death, stating the cause (Certificate that the person has not died of infectious diseases);
  4. Declaration of funeral home that the coffin/urn only contains the human remains of the deceased and that the body was deposited in the appropriate casket for transport to Croatia,
  5. Certificate of shipment of body - approval (confirmation) for the transport of the deceased by the country they are being transported from;
  6. Information about the carrier (funeral home): driver’s personal information, passport number, registration; if there are relatives of the deceased in the vehicle, their personal information is also required; if the deceased is being transported by aircraft, flight number, airline and airport at which the aircraft will land is required, as well as the manner in which the transport will continue, border crossings and information about the person (funeral home) taking over the body;
  7. Place of burial in Croatia, in case the deceased was a foreign national, a confirmation (written proof) by the cemetery (or parish) is required, stating the place of burial;
  8. Consular fee of NOK 286,00 - payable to the Croatian Embassy account 706 605 13 505.